Scott's Marketplace membership plans

Our three customized membership plans were designed for all levels of online sellers, from beginners to seasoned pros – and everything in between. You can find the infographic below, along with more deets, but if you like to read, see below.

  • The Hobbyist: at $0 a month, this is the plan made for a dabbler. Thinking about turning your passion into a career? Try our risk-free plan, with a 20% transaction fee on only those items sold. You can upload up to 12 products, have access to seller support, and benefit from our easy-to-use platform.
  • The Entrepreneur: at $10 a month, this plan is best for sellers that make under $400/month. Choose this plan for optimal revenue with only 10% transaction fees and you can upload unlimited products, unlock tools, and have access to product advertising/ marketing.
  • The Boss: at $30 a month, this plan is the bomb-diggity for those serious about success. With 5% transaction fees, you can kick ass and take names with this plan, not to mention you can upload unlimited products, unlock sales and discount tools, and have access to product advertising/marketing.





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