How do I import products in bulk or from other sites?

If you are an Entrepreneur or Boss Plan member, you can speed up the process and import multiple products using the "Import Products" tool in your account. Here's how: 

1. Login, then click on "Store" in the upper right corner, then "Products"

2. On the left, click "Import Products"


3. From the drop-down, select the Etsy import option or the Spreadsheet File template to import from other sites (or by adding your own info manually)import2.png

  • If importing from an Etsy file, click "Choose File" to select the file from your computer. Follow the instructions given, and read more here for helpful hints with the Etsy import. 
  • If using the Spreadsheet File template, click "Download Spreadsheet File" and input the details as according to the headers
    • Once you've completed the template, save on your computer
    • Click "Choose File" from the import screen and select the file you just saved




4. Click "Start Product Import"


5. On the Preview/Edit Products page, you can review and edit individual or multiple products at once. This will be your only opportunity to make edits en masse, but you can make individual edits at any time after upload.




6. Once you've reviewed and made all necessary edits, click "Save & Publish" at the bottom of your screenimport8.png


Please note, photo watermarks referencing other websites are not allowed. 

This video takes you through the upload process using our CSV file, step by step:

This video takes you through the upload process using an Etsy file, step by step:




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