What is Scott’s Marketplace?

Scott’s Marketplace is the online destination to support local stores. We are shifting the way that people think of shopping local. Local isn’t just about shopping where you live. At Scott’s Marketplace you can support and shop local stores across the country anytime, anywhere.

Shoppers can easily discover and interact with each business, as well as with other shoppers, and are encouraged to participate in a richly networked community to share comments, ratings, likes, and referrals. Ultimately, Scott’s Marketplace offers a richer and more direct shopping environment focused specifically on local businesses, making it a great community for stores and shoppers to participate in. 

Scott’s Marketplace brings together a network of independent businesses from all over the country that have one common goal: to ensure local e-commerce not only survives, but thrives.

Scott’s Marketplace provides small local businesses the tools and services that’ll help build a strong online presence, increase operational efficiency, market and promote products, and engage with consumers.

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