How do I add product options?

The best way to add product options and pricing is by adding "Variations" during the add/edit product process. If you are a Entrepreneur or Boss Plan member, you have access to more variation options. Here's how:

1. Login, then click on "Store" in the upper right corner, then "Products"

2. If adding a new product, click "Add Product." If editing an existing product, click on the pencil icon in the bottom-left of the product listing.

3. At the top, select how many variations you'd like

4. Scroll down and select the type of variation (ex: color, size, etc)

5. Enter the name of a variation, then separate by comma or hit Enter to add another (ex: red, blue, green)

6. The variations will appear below. There, click the + sign to edit their prices, stock counts, etc.

7. If Editing an existing product, click "Save Edits." If adding a new product, click "Save & Continue to preview" or "Add another product" if you'd like to add more than one product at this time

8. Review changes and click "Save & Publish" (applies only if adding new product)



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