Best practices to appear via the product search

It can take up to 48 hours for your items to appear via search on our site because the site needs to be indexed first. They are live within your store right away, but that's for customers that have your direct store link (

The best thing you can do to improve your search results is to write a concise product title with the basic details (25 characters or less is best for the title!), and add relevant terms to your description. In order to display in our shopping feeds, you must have a product description with a minimum of 500 characters, with the most important information at the beginning. Lastly, don't forget to assign the best category for your item. This will help our search engine pick up the important keywords that people use when they perform a product search.

Other great tips:

  • Linking to your products from outside places helps you be searchable! Posting a link to your Scott’s Marketplace product on Google+ will help search engines find you more easily!
  • Fill out your “About Us” page – both “about the store” and “about you.” Use keywords of the products that you sell, and describe yourself and your store.
  • CAPITALIZING your products is a big NO-NO! Not only does it read like you’re shouting, but it also gets flagged by shopping feeds.
  • No need to include size or color in the title...use the Advanced Options feature to utilize the drop-downs to make it user-friendly for the shopper!
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