Store Owner Etiquette Manual

So, we realize there is not an Emily Post of ecommerce marketplaces, but we’d like to offer some simple principles in running your store effectively on Scott’s Marketplace. Please note, these are mere suggestions from our customer service team as we are on the front lines and hear what shoppers are seeking. These tips do not replace our terms of service or seller’s agreement. (Found here: and

  • Shipping time: you should fulfill orders within a week or communicate with the buyer if there will be a delay. If there are specific shipping restrictions, those should be detailed in the product description. Providing the tracking details via email or within PayPal is an extra perk for the buyer and greatly appreciated.
  • Refund policy: please post your policy within your store details. If for some reason you’re unable to fulfill the order, please refund the customer immediately and communicate with them. Also, if you ship an item that’s defective and you’d like it returned back to you, please provide a shipping label or reimburse the buyer the cost to return the item.
  • Proactive outreach: communicate with the buyer before there is a reason for them to reach out to you. This is the best way to head off complaints or disputes.
  • Responsiveness: responding to the buyer within two business days is a good rule of thumb. Make sure you’re checking your Message Center within the Scott’s Marketplace Dashboard.
  • Store Completeness: Take the time to complete your store information to give your store credibility. Write product descriptions of 500+ characters to automatically submit your listings to the shopping feeds and be very specific with your keywords. Spend the time upfront to finish these tasks and your store has a greater chance of success and searchability.
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