My products are under review, now what?

We've flagged your listings because they didn't quite meet the mark per our Terms of Use. Here's a few details on the why and how to fix it. 

Reasons why you're items may have been flagged:

  • You have watermarks on your photos referencing another website
  • You reference another website in your product description
  • Your photos have been reported for copyright infringement

How can you fix it?

  • Relist the images without the watermark
  • Edit your product description to remove any redirection to outside websites
  • Remove any photos within your shop that are not your own

After you've made the changes, our customer experience team will review your products to make sure they're in compliance. We will then give you the go-ahead and reactivate them.

If you want to read the full nitty-gritty, here's a list of our prohibited conduct.

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