Converting your Etsy file to our format

We think it's awesome you want to bring over your Etsy listings to Scott's Marketplace. We firmly believe the more exposure you have, the better!

Our bulk import does allow for you to import your Etsy file, however there are some fields we require in order to activate your listings, such as category and shipping price. You can make these changes during the import Preview/Edit stage in bulk, but some find it easier to convert the Etsy download into our format instead. Here's how!

  1. Export your Etsy listings and open the CSV file
  2. Download our CSV template and open the download (bottom left)Screen_Shot_2018-01-30_at_11.27.51_AM.png
  3. Drag and drop the listings to match the appropriate fields. We entered the first line for you to help guide you with the mapping, but that row will need to be deleted before you save your new file. Screen_Shot_2018-01-30_at_11.29.14_AM.png
  4. Now, choose your newly revised CSV file and import that file.Screen_Shot_2018-01-30_at_11.28.47_AM.png
  5. You can also read this article about common import errors that will help guide you through this process. And, as always, shoot us an email anytime you need our help!


This video takes you through the upload process using an Etsy file, step by step:




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