Fixing a partial import and other common import errors

Importing your product listings through our bulk import/edit tool is a time-saver for certain, but sometimes you are greeted with errors you didn't anticipate. Good news is that you still have the ability to fix them instead of throwing in the towel. Read our helpful hints in this article to set you up for success.

  • Import files must be a CSV and have a limit of 999 rows per import (file is larger? divide it up or contact us to import large files)
  • Product titles can only be 100 characters: This is for aesthetic purposes as well as Google Shopping feed best practices. 
  • Product descriptions have a limit of 2500 characters: our database can only fit so much, so keep it simple and concise. If your listing are over that count, you will need to edit one at a time or make the changes in the CSV file and reimport. 
  • Etsy CSV imports will always have listings that need to be fixed. The shipping price and category are not provided in the export from Etsy, however, these can easily be bulk edited for quick import.
  • Categories need to match our existing categories on the site (columns K and L in our CSV file template). Please note, you can also leave the gender column (M) blank if it does not apply.
  • Image URLs need to be valid, and you can have up to four photos per each listing (columns P, Q, R, S) 
  • You can leave the "sale_price" (D) blank if you don't want to list your items on sale
  • Shipping_price (E) is the price to ship one item. Shipping_multiple_price (F) is the additional price you charge to ship more of the same item. Unfortunately, flat rate shipping at the store level is not available.
  • You can enter the information and pricing for gift wrap and gift message, but if you don't offer it, mark FALSE. (G and H)
  • You can track your inventory by inputting a product count in inventory (I) and marking the track_stock column (J), TRUE.
  • Mark your status (O) as ACTIVE to publish, or DISABLED to unpublish.



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